Rochester, NY

Tim Adams 2014

The latest from our boy, and yours, Tim Adams. Enduring several injuries and trying out different blades, this was filmed over the past couple years. Tim has always had a very intelligent eye for blading, and an ability to create something very special out of nearly unskateable spots. Always a show of power and raw talent, we present Knowing Mach Tim - Round Two.

A number of years ago Mike Torres documented Tim’s unique blend of speed and sheer ability in a short called Mach Tim. You can find that here:


Fun day at a forgotten townie park called Basil A. Marella. The boys in order of appearance: Nate Hall, Trey Roberts, Kris Troyer, Connor Kenrick, Steve Bruning, and the Grant Hazelton.

Song: “No Voodoo” - The Allah-las

FRESH BASIL from kris troyer on Vimeo.

The Orchard is ripe this time of year, peaches to squeeze, nectar to… get got. The boys have been blading hard thanks to the guidance of #DaBl8Got, safari hats, and the frost brewed refreshment of the mighty Genesee. For more fun in the sun, look for #orchardblade on the ol’ Instagram.

Mike Torres 2013

Friend, teacher, stoop enthusiast; the bud, Mike Torres, coming through with another hair-raising thrill ride. Somewhere between the sarcasm and brutal honesty I learned almost everything I know about cinematography from Mike. He never let me get away with half-assing a shot, or a trick. When I was growing up he motivated me to hold myself to a higher standard both on the blades and behind the camera, and fathered a mindset towards blading that envelopes and drives the Rochester scene, even in his absence. Thanks Mike, and well done.

Mike Torres Blading in 2013 from Mike Torres on Vimeo.

Filmed by David Dodge, edited by Mike Torres.

Yung Con stepping in with the first section of the year.

Filmed by Kurt Rose and Trey Roberts, edited by Allen Thorogood

The Orchard Blade Flick - Steve Bruning

The star of the show. For those with extra short attention spans, or who simply missed the whole thing. Sven, as we so affectionately know him when he’s drunk, has a, simply put, raw talent for this silly thing we do that leaves the rest of us in awe and Japanese cartoon-eyed wonder every time we blade with him.

The Orchard Blade Flick - Steve Bruning from kris troyer on Vimeo.

Cody Lampman - Back Backslide

Cody’s ender from the vid. At the premiere a skateboarder turns to Nate and says, “Bro, did he just grind that?”
He sure did, pal. He sure did.

Cody Lampman - andrews st gap - backslide-blog
Shot by Kris Troyer

TNS Quick Clips 12/12/13

ROC TNS 12/12/13 from Kurt Rose on Vimeo.

Quick clips from Thursday Night Skate at RASP. Filmed by Kurt Rose. Featuring Grant Hazelton, Nate Hall, and Kris Troyer.

Grant Hazelton - Front Unity

Here we’ve spotted the rare Hazelton performing a frontside unity. Here in his nest of overgrowth and broken glass, he must be wary of the predators looming near on the highway off-ramp. It is truly a marvelous sight to behold.

Grant Hazelton - Frontside Unity

Photo by Kris Troyer